Inspire. Inform. Remind.

Planned giving can appear daunting. It is being mastered
by larger non-profit organizations who have the funding,
the time and the experience to run an outstanding and
successful program.

At PEER, we seek out the best practices, convert them so
that they are cost-effective and easy to use, and provide
them to our Members:


Planned Giving Web Pages

Your Look and Feel

Your planned giving web pages will look and feel exactly like your website.

Standard Content

Default content is set so that 
you do not have to create your 

Custom Content

Content can be added 
easily to suit your needs and 

Your Pictures and Stories

Easily add words and pictures 
to tell your story and the story 
of your supporters.

Simple Integration

Integrates easily into your website




Share your pictures and text so that we can produce material that is clearly 
a part of your brand


Change the content to be 
specific to your organization.


Our custom design process is
simple and easy to complete 
on our website.


Print your designs in-house, or 
order through us at a nominal cost.

More Options

You may also browse high 
quality printed materials through our online brochure store.




Receive great ideas and best 
practices from other organizations.

Re-usable Content

Stories and articles for you to 
broadcast to constituents.


Connect with PEER Network professionals to learn where other PEER 
member organizations have had success and what ideas they might have to 
support your efforts.



Samples and ideas from other organizations.

Best Practices

Presentations and papers from 
leaders in the field.

Great Ideas

Examples of real strategies 
that increased gifts.